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Bazzaz 2022

Date: 21st May 2022 Location: Merrist Wood College, Worplesdon, Guildford GU3 3PE Sections: Beaver Scouts

Bazzaz Information

Bazzaz 2022 will take place on Sat 21st May at Merrist Wood, Worplesdon, Guildford GU3 3PE

Bazzaz is a triennial activity day for Beavers and Rainbows from Surrey.  With amazing activities and things to try, Bazzaz brings Beavers and Rainbows together from all over the county to celebrate.

Access the Booking site HERE


Bazzaz Fees

Beavers: £23.00 (plus transport from your district)

Leaders – Free

Each group is responsible for arranging their own transport to and from the event. To ease congestion, please seriously consider travelling by minibus or coach, rather than cars.

Bazzaz Registration

Bazzaz Registration

Welcome to the Bazzaz Online Booking System

Bazzaz is a triennial activity day for Beavers and Rainbows from Surrey.  Leaders of Beaver Colonies and Rainbow Units will need to register their interest using this system and send a £90 non-refundable deposit before 31st December 2021.

Final numbers will be due on 31st March 2022.

Click HERE to register now!

Access the Booking site HERE

If you have any more questions regarding Bazzaz, please contact

Bazzaz Payments

Bazzaz Payments

Making a Payment for Bazzaz

The Bazzaz Administration Team would prefer all payments via BACS. In order to pay via this method, you will need the information below:

CAF Bank

Sort Code : 40-52-40
Account No : 00013107

Please use payment reference: BAZ22 followed by your booking reference

For example, if the 99th Bentley Copse had the booking reference 12345, the reference would be: BAZ2212345

If your Group is unable to pay via BACS, please make out a cheque payable to Surrey County Scout Council and send it along with your booking receipt, which will be sent to you via email automatically once you have registered, to:

Bazzaz Administration
County Office
C/O 1, Leander Close,
Sutton in Ashfield,
NG17 5BF

Bazzaz Activities

Bazzaz Activities

Help Make Bazzaz Special!

Bazzaz has been so successful for many years because of the volume and variety of activities that are available at the event. Whilst a number of these activities will be provided by Commercial Organisations and Specialist Scouting Teams, the vast majority of the activities provided are run by Leaders, Members of the Scout Network and Scout Active Support.

The expectation is that every Colony and Unit will provide an activity.  This will mean that you will need to ensure there are enough adults to run your event (perhaps get help from your other sections and the children’s parents) and look after the children.

Typical Activities will include:

  • Spiderman Wall
  • Zorb Balls and Inflatable Track
  • Inflatable Maze
  • Spider Mountain and Slide
  • Laser Quest
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Scramble Net Challenge
  • Children’s Railway
  • Twin Peaks
  • Slack Lines
  • Electric Go Karts
  • Velcro Penalty Shoot Out
  • Inflatable Assault Courses
  • Human Table Football
  • Last Man Standing
  • Boot Camp Challenge
  • Laser Tag
  • Moon Bouncer
  • Mega slide
  • Space Hopper Football
  • Crazy Golf
  • Climbing Wall
  • Caving Maze

Activities may be set up at the following times:

Friday 20th May from 10.00 to 22.00

Saturday 21st May from 06.00 to 09.00

Other times will be by specific agreement with the Activities team

No vehicles will be allowed on site after 09.00 on Saturday.


Access the Booking site HERE

Bazzaz Service Teams

Bazzaz Service Teams

There are three opportunities to be involved in Bazzaz Service Teams:

  • The Site Team  – download a role profile HERE
  • The Activities Team – download a role profile HERE
  • The Media Team – download a role profile HERE

To register for a service team click

  • Explorer Scouts/Senior Section Guides: HERE
  • Adults: HERE

ADC/Division Commissioner Support

The role of the ADC/Division Commissioner in Bazzaz is:

  • Promote Bazzaz amongst the Beaver colonies/Rainbow units
    Ensure that each colony/unit has the opportunity to attend
  • Ensure that each colony/unit attending provides an activity.  If small colonies/units are combining to support each other with leader numbers, then seek agreement from the Bazzaz team that they can offer one activity between them.  This is usually not an issue and is a support mechanism to help smaller colonies/units attend. Only a member of the activities team can agree to this in order to ensure that we do provide enough activities for the numbers.
  • Help colonies/units to understand that Bazzaz is different this time and that colonies/units are expected to run bases and arrange for adults to escort the children.
  • Help leaders to consider using parental help on the day to staff bases.  This will ensure some downtime for leaders so they can have a look around and it can also be a very useful recruitment tool.
  • Ensure that all Risk Assessments are completed and uploaded on time
  • Arrange for the collection and distribution of badges, wristbands etc before the event.
  • Liaise with the colonies/units on transport issues if they are coming as Districts/Divisions
  • Liaise with the Bazzaz team if issues arise in the planning or preparation stages for the event.
  • Arrange for a District/Division tent to be put up to serve as a base for bags etc and arrange for a team to put this tent up the night before or early on the morning before the Beavers/Rainbows arrive.
  • Support colonies/units with lunchtime supervision
  • Ensure that all Beavers/Rainbows from your District/Division are accounted for as they leave the site.

Leader Support

The role of the Leader in Bazzaz is:

  • To promote Bazzaz to the Beavers/Rainbows.
  • To send out materials advertising Bazzaz to the Beavers/Rainbows.
  • To register the colony/unit and give preliminary numbers.
  • To provide an activity for the event.  The Bazzaz team will notify a colony/unit if their activity has already been offered several times by other groups across the county.
  • To upload a well-considered Risk Assessment (RA) for the activity via the booking site.
  • Ensure there are enough leaders to support the activity as well as giving leaders time for a break and a chance to wander around the event.  It is worth finding parental help or help from other sections.
  • Ensure that all adults helping have a DBS.
  • If you are a small colony/unit and don’t think you can manage to find enough adults to attend, work with your ADC/Division Commissioner to see if there is another colony/unit that you can join.
  • To provide final numbers to the booking site.
  • To ensure that health forms (children and adults) are filled in via the booking site.
  • Ensure that Beavers/Rainbows and leaders have their correct wristband for entry to the site.
  • Ensure that activities are either set up the night before the event or before the event opens in the morning.  Vehicular access will not be allowed after an appointed time once the site begins to fill up.
  • Arrange transport.  Some Districts/Divisions will arrange coaches and others, closer to the site, will arrange for Beavers/Rainbows to be dropped off.  Liaise with your District/Division to find out how it best works for you at local level.  If travelling separately, arrange a system of meeting the Beavers/Rainbows so they can go onto the site together.
  • Supervise Beavers/Rainbows at lunchtime.  All activities will stop to ensure that leaders have a break.  This might be where having some spare adult hands will be of especial use.
  • Check the lost property for random scarves and trainers before you leave!
  • Ensure that your expense claims are handed in.  Payment will be by BACS.

Bazzaz-Leader-information-final-information-2022 (available nearer the event)

Bazzaz FAQs

Bazzaz FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Covid Statement

Bazzaz 2022 will run in compliance with national Scout and Guide guidelines.  Covid will form a part of the whole site risk assessment although each colony and unit should undertake their own risk assessment following their association’s Covid policy.

What is the beginning and end time for the event?
Bazzaz will begin at 10am and finish at 4pm.

When and how will I receive wristbands etc?
Bazzaz packs for each colony/unit containing wristbands for children and adults and badges will be distributed in early May. Wristbands must be shown to gain entry. Names and allergies or medical information needs to be included on the wristband. The leader’s mobile number should also be present.

What paperwork do I need?
A Health form/permission slip must be obtained for each Beaver/Rainbow. This will be done via the booking website.  Please arrange a Home Contact sheet showing name and telephone contact details of everyone attending from your colony/unit, including adults.  A copy of this list should be given to your District leader.

What do we need to bring?
You will need to bring the following: packed lunch, drinks, 2 copies of In Touch form, Car Park/Coach Park permit, wristbands for everyone (please ensure that everyone is wearing the correct wristband as they are individually named), black sacks for rubbish, anti-bacterial hand wash, suitable bags for the Beavers’/Rainbow’s trainers whilst they are on the bouncy castle.  Beavers/Rainbows should be encouraged to bring a named, refillable drinking bottle that can be topped up during the day.  Districts are encouraged to bring a large water container which they can fill up from the water stations.  You might also like to bring a groundsheet for the beavers to sit on at lunchtime.

What happens when we arrive?
There is an area to meet up with your Beavers/Rainbows just before the check-in desk. When all your Beavers/Rainbows/helpers have arrived, ensure they are all wearing the correct wristband and then proceed to check-in. Please head for your District tent to leave any bags etc. We plan to allow access onto the site at 9.30am once the site is ready/safe for the Beavers/Rainbows to access. Please be aware we will not be opening the gates until all vehicles are off site. There will be no formal opening ceremony.

Is there parking available?
There is plenty of space to park for both coaches and cars.  Every vehicle needs to have a car park pass showing name / colony or unit / mobile contact number.  This is so we can get in touch if a car needs to be moved or to help identify the correct coach at the end of the day.  Please contact us if you need close access for disabled parking.

Is there an Opening and Closing ceremony?
There will not be a formal opening ceremony but there will be announcements to say Bazzaz 2022 is officially open and when the activities are due to close.

What number of adults: Beavers/Rainbows should I have?
We suggest a minimum of 1:6  for Beavers and 1:5 for Rainbows as directed by national rules.  You must risk assess to make sure that this ratio will be sufficient for your particular group of Beavers/Rainbows.  You may feel that you need extra adults for this event.  Please note that Young Leaders/Explorers should not accompany Beavers around Bazzaz on their own and are not counted as a part of the ratio.

Should uniform be worn?
Yes, everyone should arrive/leave in uniform although they may leave their sweatshirts at their base tent.

What happens at lunchtime?
There will be an official break at 12.30 and will last for half an hour.

What happens if it is wet?
We all get WET!  Bazzaz will go ahead whatever the weather: whatever the weather, we will have fun!

Do Beavers/Rainbows need to bring money?
No. There won’t be anything to buy so Beavers/Rainbows do not need any pocket money.

Is there somewhere to leave bags etc?
Each District will have a District tent which will be your base for the day.  Leaders, please bring a black bag to take away rubbish at the end of the day.

We hope to keep queues manageable by giving as many Beavers/Rainbows as possible short turns on bases.  Rather than spend a long time queuing, we suggest that you move to a base with short queues.  Adults must not placehold in queues for Beavers/Rainbows.

Are water stations available?
Water will be available at water stations.  It is the responsibility of the leaders to ensure the Beaver Scouts/Rainbows they are supervising top up their water bottles.  If the District Tents have a suitable water container, it will ensure that Beavers have sufficient water.

How secure is the site?
The site is secure and will be covered by Safety and Security Officers.  However, vigilance is part of our remit and Beaver Scouts/Rainbows must stay with their adult in charge.

Please encourage Beaver Scouts/Rainbows to be tidy and use black sacks/litter bins for rubbish.

Evacuation Procedure
In the event of a major incident, we may need to evacuate the site.  An air horn will sound three times followed by an announcement over the PA system and the Security Team will direct you to the nearest exits.

Lost Property
Any lost property will be placed at the exit of the site towards the end of the day, so please check as you leave to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Can leaders get a hot drink?
Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day so that leaders can get a hot drink.

Do all adults need a DBS?
All adults will require a current DBS.  This is because, whilst there will be plenty of adults on site, they will have unsupervised access to children when moving around the site.

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch.  Email us here.

Will there be refunds for non-attendance?

Bazzaz will not be able to issue refunds for Beavers or Rainbows who do not attend after numbers have been confirmed. We would suggest that leaders arrange for a substitute to take the place.

Bazzaz Team

Name and Role
Callum Hawker

Bazzaz Event Leader

Katy Cozens

Katy deals with all Bazzaz Admin

Kevin Yeo

Kevin deals with the booking site

Carl Whitehead

Site Manager

Denise Iverson

Activities Team Leader
Assistant County Commissioner (Beaver Scouts)

Alistair Tickett

Media Team Leader
Deputy County Commissioner (Programme, Media and Communications)

Ian Macqueen

Deputy County Commissioner (Events)

Vicky Leonard

Activities Team
(Surrey East Guides)

Andrea Lewis

Activities Team
(Surrey West Guides)



Bazzaz Gallery 2018

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Merrist Wood College, Worplesdon, Guildford GU3 3PE

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