Surrey Scouts with Additional Needs

Scouts is about actively involving everyone and we make any adjustments to make that possible.

We know if you’ve got a young person in your care with additional needs, doing something new can be scary – for both of you!

We pride ourselves on our inclusivity and we do our best to make sure all our members can take part.  There’s a lot of flexibility within the Scouts programme to meet individual needs, whether that be a disability, neurodiversity, or an educational, mental health or medical need.

What do I need to do?

When you’re first thinking of joining Scouts, contact your local group.  Your local volunteers will get in touch to arrange a chat with you to find out more about your young person.

This isn’t an interview or screening process, it’s simply to make sure we understand your young person’s needs and how we can make adjustments to make sure your young person will get the most out of Scouts.

This conversation will just be the start of our ongoing partnership with you as a parent or carer.  We appreciate things are constantly changing, and you’re welcome to speak to your Scout volunteers at any time.


Learn more about inclusion and diversity at Scouts HERE 


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