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Reach for the Stars

Between: 15th May 2021 - 16th May 2021 Location: Sections: Beaver Scouts Event Organiser: Denise Iverson

Welcome to Reach for the Stars 2021 – Surrey Scout County’s first ever County Beaver virtual camp!

15/16th May 2021

Watch Opening video HERE

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Download your My Group sheet for use with your photos HERE

Download the Badge link table HERE

How does it work?

The camp has five activity zones.  Beavers should aim to complete at least one challenge from each zone!

  1. Science
  2. Cooking
  3. Craft
  4. Scout Skills
  5. Adventure

You can do as many as you want – there is no limit!  Reach for the stars!

The activities will be available after the opening ceremony at 10am and will stay open all weekend.  Do as many as you can and upload a picture of you joining in (1st name or group only – no surnames)!  How much can you achieve in the weekend.  Send your pictures to your own Colony social media or leaders as well as to the whole county photo gallery so you can contribute to the bit picture of the weekend.

Join us for the virtual campfires in the evening with your smores and blanket.

And, of course, because it is a camp, you can’t sleep in a nice comfy bed – time to catch some ZZZZs in a den or a tent – whatever your space allows 🙂


Download the invite for your colony Reach for the Stars Invite.

Reach for the Stars 2021 Information

Reach for the Stars will run from 10am on Saturday 15th May 2021 until 4pm  on Sunday 16th May 2021.

Attending Reach for the Stars costs nothing!  You just need to sign up and join in. If you are not from Surrey Scouts and you would like a badge (dispatched after the event), it will cost £3 for the badge and postage.  Details of purchase will available in the joining pack.

Reach for the Stars 2021 Registration

Beavers need to be registered for the event by their parents/carers/guardians.

Each Beaver needs to be registered separately so if you have two Beavers in your family, they will need to be registered separately.  This will allow for the correct number of badges to be dispatched.


This event has closed

Reach for the Stars 2021 Programme

The camp starts with an opening ceremony at 10am.

Members are then invited to set up their camp and make it as awesome as possible.

Activities are then available for Beavers to join in with at their own pace.  Beavers need to do one from each zone but Beavers can do as many of them as they want and, if you want to, you can upload pictures and videos of the Beavers doing them.

Please remember to only use first names and a group if you want but not first and last names.  If Beavers want to, they can use make this My Group sheet match their scarf colour and use it with their pictures.

There will be a closing ceremony at 4pm but the activities will remain open for those still joining in.


Day Morning and afternoon Evening
Saturday 10am – Opening video.    Learn to sign the Beaver Promise.  Activities. 5pm Story time
Activity Zones: Science – Cooking – Craft – Scout Skills – Adventure 7pm – Camp fire
Sunday Activities.  4pm Closing video
Activity Zones:  Science – Cooking – Craft – Scout Skills – Adventure

Watch the opening ceremony HERE

Watch the story time HERE

Watch the campfire HERE

Watch closing ceremony HERE

Visit the Activities sections of this event to find what is on offer.  These will go live just before the event opens and will remain live until at least the end of the camp.


Reach for the Stars 2021 Activities

There is a lot going on at Reach for the Stars and you can make it fit to the time you have and what you want to do.

Each activity sheet in the booklet tells you what you need to do and has links to the Beaver badges that it will help Beavers to achieve.  This will be useful information to pass on to leaders so that they can tick off the relevant badges.  Make sure that you supply them with some evidence of the activity being completed.  If your colony uses it, this may be done through Badges at Home in Online Scout Manager.  Check with you Colony leaders if you are not sure about this.


Opening video HERE

Learn to sign your Beaver Promise HERE


A exciting tour around the senses!

  • Touchy experiments – Instructions: HERE
  • Smelly experiments – Instructions: HERE
  • Sound-based experiments – Instructions: HERE and HERE
  • Vision-based experiments – Instructions: HERE
  • Taste-based experiments – Instructions: HERE

and then, as a bonus:

  • Growing – Instructions: HERE
  • Gasses – Instructions: HERE
  • Chemistry – Instructions: HERE and HERE
  • Forces – Instructions: HERE


  • Pancake bites – Instructions: HERE  Watch the video HERE
  • Armpit fudge – Instructions: HERE
  • Banana ice cream – Instructions: HERE  – Watch the video HERE
  • Chocolate cookies – Instructions: HERE
  • Simple scones – Instructions: HERE


  • Poi making – Instructions: HERE – Watch the video HERE
  • Baked bean art – Instructions: HERE
  • Marble maze – Instructions: HERE and HERE – Watch video HERE
  • Egg box helicopters – Instructions: HERE – Watch the video HERE
  • Magic pictures – Instructions: HERE
  • Bubble snake – Instructions: HERE
  • Mosquito making – Instructions: HERE– Watch the video HERE

Scout Skills:

  • Tracking – Instructions: HERE
  • Pioneering – Instructions: HERE
  • Edible pioneering – Instructions:  HERE
  • Lolly stick catapults – Instructions: HERE
  • Mini rafts – Instructions: HERE
  • Pond dipping – Instructions: HERE – Download the support sheet HERE
  • Shelter building – Instructions: HERE


  • Bee Hotel – Instructions: HERE
  • Scavenger hunt – Instructions: HERE
  • Leaf spotter – Instructions: HERE
  • Hike away – Instructions: HERE
  • Obstacle course – Instructions: HERE
  • Forest Animals – Instructions: HERE


  • Story time – Watch HERE
  • Colouring sheets – Download: HERE and HERE
  • Pasta Skeletons – Instructions: HERE – Watch the video HERE

Colouring competition (Now closed)

Show us your colouring skills!  Download and print this image and upload a picture of your finished version into the special colouring competition link.

Download and print the image HERE



Training sessions

The training sessions have a focus on supporting Beaver leaders to provide a residential experience when we are able to

Sessions will include:

Catering at camp (1 hr)

campsite layout (1 hr)

Health & Hygiene at camp (1 hr)

Module 16 Introduction to Nights Away (2 1/4 hours)

Book places will be via BookingBug HERE!



Live session timetable

Saturday Modules 12 a & b – Roxanna Bostock – 11am-1pm Module 16 – Pauline Lewer – 2pm-4.30pm
Sunday Risk Assessment – Richard Ayears – 9.30-10.30 am Programme planning for Nights Away – Roxanna Bostock – 11am-12pm
Catering at Camp – Hils Harris 12.30pm -1.30pm


Course name

Course details

Course Leader


Join Link

Modules 12 a & b Training on developing a quality programme. Roxanna Bostock Roxanna has a background in training professionally and has held many roles in Surrey Scouts including being County Commissioner.  Book HERE
Module 16 – Residential experiences Pauline Lewer Pauline is the County Training Manager.  Book HERE
Safety – Risk assessment A piece of paper on its own will never prevent an accident, illness or other harm so why is risk assessment so important? Richard Ayears Richard oversees the event risk assessments for Scoutabout and other major events. Book HERE
Programme Planning for Nights Away How to put a great programme in place Roxanna Bostock Roxanna has a background in training professionally and has held many roles in Surrey Scouts including being County Commissioner.  Book HERE
Catering at Camp What you need to know! Hils Harris Hils has been involved in scouting for over 20 years and run many successful Beaver / Cub sleepover & camps, along with helping at County Events on Catering or First Aid teams.  Book HERE


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