8th Camberley Celebrate VE day with a Camp at Home

Date: 10th May 2020 Author: Alistair Tickett

The 8th Camberley decided to celebrate VE day with a camp.  As they could not camp together, they had a virtual one instead!  What a busy programme they had!

Friday May 8th

We always start camps with Flag Break so you will have to build a flag pole and possibly draw or make a flag. Obviously does not have to be full size, so use your imagination to get a flag pole on your site and start camp with a flag break.

  1. Pack your bag for the weekend
  2. Build your shelter, den or tent (indoors or outdoors)
  3. Create your own VE Day Bunting (to decorate your shelter, tent or den)
  4. Take your allocated 1 hour exercise
  5. Build your virtual Camp Fire inside or out
  6. Sleep outside of your normal bed (indoors or outdoors)

Saturday May 9th

  1. Help to or make your own Breakfast
  2. Run a game for all the family from the time of the original VE Day (1940s)
  3. Take your allocated one hour exercise in your local area maybe try a hike and take photos and share them.
  4. Sleep outside of your normal bed (indoor or outdoor)

Sunday 10th

  1. Pack your bag
  2. Play another game from the 1940s
  3. Take your allocated one hour exercise
  4. Dismantle your shelter or tent

Below are some of the photos to show the 8th in action!

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