SCRAM Leader Support

The role of the Leader in SCRAM is:
  • To promote SCRAM to the cubs.
  • To send out materials advertising SCRAM to the cubs.
  • To register the pack and give preliminary numbers.
  • To provide an activity for the event. Liaise with ADC to ensure activities are not being replicated.  The SCRAM team will notify a pack if their activity has already been offered several times by other packs across the county.  For example, Stomp/water rockets are offered by many packs and if too many are provided, the range of activities becomes restricted.
  • To provide a well-considered Risk Assessment (RA) for the activity, preferably using the SCRAM RA form.  If a generic RA form is used, please ensure that the extra information requested on the SCRAM RA form is provided.
  • Ensure there are enough leaders to support the activity as well as giving leaders time for a break and a chance to wander around the event.  It is worth finding parental help or help from other sections.
  • Ensure that all adults helping have a DBS.
  • If you are a small pack and don’t think you can manage to find enough adults to attend, work with your DC to see if there is another pack that you can join.
  • To provide final numbers to the booking site.
  • To ensure that health forms are filled in.
    Ensure that cubs and adults all have their forms returned.
  • Ensure that cubs and leaders have their wristband for entry to the site.
  • Ensure that activities are either set up the night before the event or before the event opens in the morning.  Vehicular access will not be allowed after an appointed time once the site begins to fill up.
  • Arrange transport.  Some Districts will arrange coaches and others, closer to the site, will arrange for cubs to be dropped off.  Liaise with your District to find out how it works for you at local level.  If travelling separately, arrange a system of meeting the cubs so they can go onto the site together.
  • Supervise cubs at lunchtime.  All activities will stop to ensure that leaders have a break. This might be where having some spare adult hands will be of especial use.
  • Check the lost property for random scarves and trainers before you leave!
  • Ensure that your expense claims are handed in.  Payment will be by BACS.
The role of the ADC in SCRAM is:
  • Promote SCRAM amongst the cub packs
  • Ensure that each pack has the opportunity to attend
  • Ensure that each pack attending provides an activity.  If small packs are combining to support each other with leader numbers, then seek agreement from the SCRAM team that they can offer one activity between them.  This is usually not an issue and is a support mechanism to help smaller packs attend. Only a member of the activities team can agree to this in order to ensure that we do provide enough activities for the numbers.
  • Help packs to understand that SCRAM is different to Bazzaz and that leaders are expected to run bases and not walk around with the cubs.
  • Help leaders to consider using parental help on the day to staff bases.  This will ensure some downtime for leaders so they can have a look around and it can also be a very useful recruitment tool
  • Ensure that all Risk Assessments are completed and returned on time
  • Arrange for the collection and distribution of badges, wristbands etc before the event
  • Liaise with the packs on transport issues if packs are coming as Districts
  • Liaise with the SCRAM team if issues arise in the planning or preparation stages for the event
  • Arrange for a District tent to be put up to serve as a base for bags etc and arrange for a team to put this tent up the night before or early on the morning before the cubs arrive.
  • Support packs with lunchtime supervision
  • Ensure that all cubs from your district are accounted for as they leave the site.
  • Liaise with your SASU to get them to support or provide an event
  • Register names of themselves and other district attendees who will be attending the event using the log-in details provided. This should include ensuring and SASU, District Leaders, District Team or other supporters not connected are registered.
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