Frequently asked questions

How much does SCRAM Cost?
The budget for SCRAM is run very tightly.  The cost of the event itself is £20 per attendee which covers site hire, activity hire and provision, badges, infrastructure etc.  You will need to add the cost of transport to the event cost.  Many districts will help out with transport costs to reduce the overall cost for members.

Why does each pack have to run an activity?

We buy in some key activities but for the event to be a success, over 2000 cubs need to be entertained.  Cubs have all sorts of interests and we don’t want them to spend all day queuing for the bigger rides.  The sheer variety and creativity provided by the groups makes SCRAM an exciting event for the cubs and to do that all leaders are asked to help with activities.  In the end it is a matter of logistics.  Packs bringing cubs expect them to be entertained for the day and we rely on the cub leadership to help.  It keeps the costs down.

I don’t have many cubs or leaders coming.  Do I still need to run an activity?

Obviously we want there to be as many activities as possible.  If you only have a few cubs and have combined with another pack to ensure attendance it is usually possible to run one activity between the packs. This should be agreed with the SCRAM activities team first who will always want to be supportive.  If you have lots of cubs attending, it is expected that an activity will be provided.  It would be worth asking parents and other section leaders for help.

What first aid facilities are available?
We have a centralised 1st aid provision.  Leaders are not expected to be dealing with 1st aid issues whilst running bases.

Do I need to provide drinks for my cubs?
Each District should provide a drink station that can be used by cubs in their activity area.  There will be centralised drink stations too.

Can we camp at the site?
It is not possible to camp at the site.

What parking is available?
Hook Road Arena has plenty of parking available.  Coaches will be asked to leave the site after drop off and will be guided back onto a specific area of the site for collection.

Can I drive onto the site?
You will be able to access the site with a vehicle on the Friday evening and at restricted times before the event.  Once the site has been cleared of cubs, there will be vehicular access on the Saturday.

Can parents come on to the site at the end of the event?
Cubs will be escorted to designated pick-up points.  Parents will not be invited to enter the site as a part of Safeguarding procedures.  Should a parent need to enter the site, they will be escorted.

Can I swap attendees if one cub drops out at the last minute and another one can come in their place?
Yes you can swap attendees on the online booking system. If you need to swap participants on the day, you’ll need to visit the late registrations tent on arrival.

Do I need to provide a tent for bags etc?
Each district is required to have a district tent for cubs to store their bags/coats/lunches in.  Cubs will return to that tent area at lunch time to be supervised by their leaders.  Party tents should be secured effectively to protect them from the wind.

Do I need to bring my own chairs and tables for my activity?
There will not be a supply of tables so activity providers should bring their own tables and chairs.

Will each activity area be roped off?
The districts will be given an allocated area in which to run their activities.  This will allow leaders from different groups in the same district to support each other.  Many activities do not need roping off but if a pack wishes their activity to be roped off for health and safety reasons, they should provide the necessary equipment to do so.

Can leaders bring their children?
Leaders should not be bringing their non-cub age children expecting them to be participants.  It may be necessary for some leaders to being their children because of childcare and they will need to be supervised by the leaders.  Cubs will always get priority on activities but it may be possible for non-cubs to join in some activities.

What toilets are available?
Toilet blocks will be brought onto the site.  Toilets for those with disabilities will be provided.

Do I have to escort the cubs round the site?
Leaders are not expected to escort cubs round the site.  The cubs go round with their friends.  They meet up with their leaders at lunchtime because the leaders are running activities at other times.  Leaders normally manage to find time to have a wander round the site and look at activities.

How do I claim my expenses?
You fill in a claims form and submit it to the County office (on the day or just after) and you will be paid by BACS.

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