To enable KIX 2018 to operate smoothly, we are looking for a number of adults (18+) to join the staff team. There are various roles we would like to fill. Please state your preference (under job role) from the below job list when registering.

Members of the staff team will be eligible for a reduced fee as you may not have access to the full programme (e.g. not all staff will be able to go white water rafting). Members of the staff team will all have a minimum 24 hour period off duty where we will try and accommodate you onto a hike or other activity of your choice, subject to availability.

The staff fee is £350 which includes all food and travel:activities for staff are limited hence the reduced cost. Limited indoor accommodation is also available for staff or you can bring a tent.

Job Roles

Catering Team
One of the key support tasks is feeding everyone on site from the Scouts to the Coach Drivers. We already have the team leaders in place but they need assistance in preparing and cooking the meals. Staff will work on a rota basis as the continental breakfast will need to start being served at 6.30am.
No experience is necessary but the ability to work in a team and have a flexible ‘can do’ attitude is important.

Walking Team
One of the most popular activities at KIX is walking; we make good use of the mountain paths – Scouts undertake 2 separate days of walking:

  • Low walk that is usually supervised by the troop’s own leaders.
  • High walk that requires walking permits.
  • Please state what permit you hold (if any) when applying for this role.
  • Assessment is sometimes available if you wish to gain a permit or enhance your current knowledge.

Recycling team
KISC have a very good recycling scheme in place so that very little goes to landfill. We are looking for a couple of people who will take ownership of this important task and work with groups on their local day so that we make sure the right thing goes into the right box etc (gloves are provided).

General Support
There are a number of jobs that need to be done that just come under general support. These include supervising the Scouts washing up; making/serving drinks at meal times; washing the catering equipment; supervising the bread buttering and the sandwich making; serving the food prepared by the catering team and, of course, cleaning the odd toilet!

In addition you might be called upon to help a Scout troop with limited leadership where an extra person would be helpful or they just need another pair of hands.

This is one of the most popular teams: ability to work in a team and have a flexible ‘can do’ attitude is important.

Please can you now formally register your interest using the online booking system, (no payment is required at this point).

Click here to register as a part of the staff team

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls