FrightEX24 FAQs

What if some of my Explorers cannot make the whole event?

That should not be a problem however we prefer if people committed for the whole event. However if individuals have genuine reasons for needing to arrive late or leave early we will do our best to accommodate it. Please just let us know in advance.

Do Explorers have to come with a unit?

The basic answer is Yes however if there are individual Explores who want to come but don’t have a leader to bring them, please let us know as we should be able to team them up with another Unit.

What supervision are Leaders expected to provide?

We want the event to be as chilled out and easy going as possible and we expect Explorers to look after themselves and behave appropriately.

County & Site staff will supervise activities and provide basic safety cover including First Aid. However we do expect unit leaders to ultimately be responsible for their own Explorers’ behaviour and welfare.

We will insist that at least one leader from each unit remains on site at all times or, if they do have to leave, that alternative cover arrangements are put in place.

Are meals available?

Units are, of course, welcome to self-cater.

There will however be a catering option provide by the Jamboree Units who will offer PRE-PURCHASED meals for Supper & Breakfast. An option to purchase Meal Tickets will be sent out nearer the event.

Burgers & Hot Dogs will be on sale for cash late on Saturday evening.

Should Explorers bring money?

There will be a Tuck Shop and a Burger stall – so yes a small amount is good idea.

What does a 24hour event actually mean?

Basically it means we won’t be enforcing a boring old bed time. Evening events will go on as late as there is demand (within reason) and people will be free to stay up as late as they want chilling out around one the campfires.

The only thing we will ask is that you keep the noise down late at night and we do reserve the right to call it a day if things are a bit too noisy.

What if I need more information?

Before 1st June 2019 please email or once the booking system opens after this date then please email

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