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This is a practical, hands-on course delivered entirely outdoors in an expedition base-camp setting.

The course covers everything you will need to deliver the scout survival skills activity badge, and to run bushcraft camps for your section. It also provides an opportunity to learn bushcraft skills in a safe and supportive environment which will increase your general confidence in the outdoors.

The course involves all participants sleeping out under tarps, preparing fish, and cooking all meals over open fires. Extensive use will be made of knives and each participant will be given a Frost Mora training knife and tarpaulin covered by course fees.

Some of course contents are:

  • Lighting fires using a variety of types of ignition – firesteel, flint and steel, fire by friction using the bowdrill method
  • Using knives safely, knife law, care and sharpening
  • Shelter: Improvising shelters from tarps, making shelters from natural materials
  • Water: Finding and purifying water
  • Wilderness first aid
  • Finding wild food, preparing meat for cooking, cooking over open fires
  • Survival theory, why things go wrong, the mental aspects of survival.

Please book your places for County run central courses here. Other bookings for local courses should be made via the contact details from the course description.

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