Train the Trainers

Howard Hills – Course Presenter

Day 1 of the course covers how to help groups and individuals learn and the techniques of instruction and presenting. Participants will learn how to design interactive group learning sessions, they will have an opportunity to understand their learning styles and preferences and those of others.

At the end of day 1 they will plan an interactive session they will deliver on day 2.

Day 2 of the course is spent in practical application of what they have learnt in delivering an interactive group session on a scouting topic. Each participant will receive personal feedback on their session.

The Presenters

All the tutors and presenters have extensive experience of training both inside and outside scouting. The course director and main presenter has instructed adults in corporate, military and scouting environments for more than 45 years both as a naval officer and head of training of a major UK corporation. He is qualified as a Fellow of UK professional training Institutions and the author of two books on training, one of which (Team-based Learning) will be provided free to participants.

The Location

The course uses venues equipped with Wi-Fi. The course is in the Bookham area which is close to Junction 10 of the M25 and fairly central for most of Surrey.

More about the course

Topics covered in day 1:

  • Different roles in facilitating learning; coach, teacher etc. States of knowledge and skills.
  • Tools and techniques available: motivation, feedback, communication, problem solving, using mistakes
  • Self assessment of your competency
  • Team roles and types, team stages and facilitation styles. Motivation
  • Learning, styles, preferences, the VAK attack, multiple intelligences, mind mapping.
  • Communication, aural, visual, body language, posture, choice of language, impact of words
  • Problem solving; four stages. Objective writing, lesson plans, Socratic approach

Practical in day 1 and 2

  • On day 1 deliver a short presentation on a scouting topic. Your presentation will be videoed and feedback given. You will be given a copy of the video.
  • On day 2 deliver a 15 minute lesson with interaction on a scouting topic agreed beforehand with the course director chosen from a list provided before the weekend. Some preparation of content and information will be required before the weekend but some may be needed on Saturday evening.
  • The course requires some initial self study as well as preparation time.

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