Surrey & GLSW Paragliding SASU

Surrey & GLSW Paragliding Club.

Advisor and Chief Flying Instructor: Stuart Short
Special Events Co-ordinator: Nicola Sykes

Bookings Secretary: Richard Featherstone

Paragliding opportunities will be offered between March and October. For further details and booking forms contact the bookings secretary.

Initial Course – A one day introductory course which involves safety training i.e. parachute-landing roll, canopy theory & launching and three tethered round canopy flights, cost £58 per
person. They are run for scouts of 10½ years and above of in groups of up to 16 people. A non-returnable deposit of £10 is required to book. Scouts need to weigh 45kg/7stone dressed and in boots.

Parascenders Badge Course (for scout age) – The same as above but four tethered round canopy flights and three written exams from the information supplied which will be sent out prior to the
course date so that they can be marked on the course date, this course is only open to Scouts not Explorer Scouts or Network Members, cost £74 per person

Wings Flying Course – for those who have been on at least one basic course and be 16 years old or over. These comprise of a whole weekend training /camp and can be arranged if there enough applicants. They include 8-10 flights and there is a limit of 10 pilots to a course.

Special Events, e.g. jamborees etc. can be arranged through our coordinator, Nicola Sykes.


2024 Dates

These dates have a maximum of 48 flights available per day

6th & 7th April 14th & 15th September
11th & 12th May 12th & 13th October
1st & 2nd June 26th & 27th October
15th & 16th June


These dates have a maximum of 24 flights available per day

27th & 28th April 10th & 11th August
18th & 19th June 28th & 29th September


For general advice, please contact Simon Sykes

For a Parascending Information pack, click GLSW & SURREY SPC Information ver 2024.03

For a Booking form, click Booking Form BLANK ver 2024.01

For a consent form, click A4 UNDER 18 personal consent form ver 2024.01      A4 OVER 18 personal consent form ver 2024.01



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