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Surrey County Scout Rifle Club

The Surrey County Scouts Rifle Club is a Scout Activity Support Unit.  Our objective is to promote target shooting as a Scout activity and we are proud to offer a range of shooting activities for most age groups in Scouting. Come and join us and take part in:

  • An exciting long-range shooting programme throughout the year at Bisley.
  • Monthly air rifle, air pistol and .22 ‘smallbore’ rifle shooting at the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley.
  • Competitions- several times a year we run competitions for all ages from Scouts upwards including the well-known Scoutshoot every September.

Learn with us too:

  • Youth Proficiency Scheme courses that teach you to run an air rifle range.
  • Probationary member training using the NRA’s course material and practical skills sessions.
  • Come along to our air and .22 rifle sessions once a month and gain coaching and range experience.

Shooting Programme 2023

Surrey Scouts Rifle Club is running a busy shooting programme in 2023. We are based at Bisley, near Woking.

Here’s what the programme offers:


Date Activity
05 March 2023 Short range action
19 March 2023 Long range
16 April 2023  Long range
21 May 2023  Short range action
11 June 2023  New competition
27 August 2023  Short range action
10 September 2023 Scoutshoot
29 October 2023 Century guests
17 December 2023  Short range action
Long-range shooting at 300 yards

This is an outdoor activity. All kit is provided and guests will be coached on a one-to-one basis. We use powerful rifles, but it is safe, doesn’t hurt and above all, the activity is challenging and satisfying.
You will also get time to experience target marking in the ‘butts’. You will communicate with the firing point by radio and work fast to mark targets between shots.
Activity length: approximately 5 hours
Suitable for: Explorer Scouts and leaders. Wear clothing suitable for the weather and bring
refreshments if required.

Short-range action shooting

This is an outdoor activity shot from under a covered firing point. A mixture of static and moving targets is used, so fast reactions and a keen eye are required to get a good score. We use .22 semi-automatic and .357 calibre underlever rifles. All kit is provided and guests will be supervised and coached on a one-to-one basis.
Activity length: approximately 5 hours.
Suitable for: Explorer Scouts and leaders. Wear clothing suitable for the weather and bring
refreshments if required.

  • In June we are running a new full-bore rifle competition, open to all Explorers and leaders. We are still working on the format, but expect fun and a bit of competition using a mix of rifle calibres. We hope to run an open  morning for leaders on the same day—more information to follow.
  • Scoutshoot 2023 will be on 10th September 2023. It’s fun, with lots of shooting and is very popular.
    Early booking is recommended.
  • Scout National Rifle Championships – 14/15 th October 2023. We will be providing a shooting activity over the weekend.
Smallbore and air shooting programme

Surrey County Scouts Rifle Club runs air rifle, air pistol and small bore rifle shooting on Monday evenings once a month in the Lord Roberts Centre at Bisley. This indoor activity is open to all Scouts, Explorers and leaders.  Some restrictions apply to Scouts under 12. It’s a great way to build skills and experience shooting with good-quality rifles and pistols.
Activity length: approximately 2 hours.
Suitable for: Explorer Scouts and leaders.

For club members

This year’s programme includes much more shooting at 600 yards and a small number of sessions at longer ranges.  Gallery shooting sessions are also in the programme.  

We welcome new members from 14 years old and upwards as probationary club members. All probationers are offered training according to the NRA syllabus free of charge.  The course teaches safety and basic marksmanship skills through a series of online and practical range sessions.

How to book and enquiries

Please send us an email at
We are happy to help with any enquiry.

Surrey Scouts Rifle Club is a Home Office approved rifle club and operates under the framework of firearms law. To attend any of our sessions, each guest must complete a guest membership form.
It’s an electronic form and can be found here: Microsoft Forms

You can subscribe to our OSM calendar feed HERE.  Import the .ics file to your favourite calendar application. (It’s  ‘+other calendars’ in Google calendar and will be similar in other products.)




Introductory Preliminary Training Sessions and Short Range: Philip Diprose

Long Range: John Pain

Air Rifle Shooting: Jon Culshaw

Surrey County Scout Rifle Club Chairman: David Sainsbury

Surrey County Scout Rifle Club (SCSRC) website

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