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Peak ASU is the joint GLSW and Surrey scouts active support unit who offer mountain and navigation skills training and assessment opportunities each year including


Hillwalking Adventurous Activity Permits

PeakASU are able to offer advice, training and assessment for those seeking a Scout Adventurous Activity Permit. Whilst there are some options for locally based training the majority of such provision will be on our Snowdonia based courses.


Mountain Skills courses (based in Bethesda in Snowdonia)

These include a general and practical introduction to the many aspects of hillwalking/climbing, with the weekend providing training for all the basic personal skills required

  • Party management and the additional technical skills of leadership in the mountains
  • Route planning and navigation
  • Movement over steep or mixed ground, including confidence rope skills for those wishing to lead groups in Terrain 2
  • Group supervision and monitoring
  • Building experience/log book by acting as an assistant leader, using skills previously gained, or exploring unfamiliar routes

For those who have appropriate previous experience, assessments for Scout permits can be taken over the weekend however, notification must be given when booking.

On the May course there will be opportunities for leading and seconding on climbing routes, including placing protection and climbing ropework skills and building anchors.

We also provide training and guidance for those wishing to work towards achieving Scout permits and/or qualifications such as the Hill and Moorland Leader, Mountain Leader or (May course only) Rock Climbing Instructor Awards.

Courses normally take place each year as follows:

  • Early Season Hillwalking Skills in February
  • Summer Season Hillwalking & Rock-Climbing Skills in May
  • Late Season Hillwalking Skills in November


Navigation Skills Training (based in Surrey & Sussex)

We offer training and development for any Beaver/Cub/Scout/Explorer leaders and those adults who lead groups in the countryside who wish to develop their navigation skills.

We can cater for both beginners and for those wishing to enhance their navigation skills to ensure they can both navigate effectively and safely whilst also learning how to share this knowledge with others.

This training is particularly suitable for leaders who want to run hikes for their young people, of any section, or to support expeditions for either the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, the Expedition Challenge (part of the Chief Scout’s Gold Award), expeditions for the Chief Scout’s Platinum and Diamond Awards and the Queen’s Scout Award.

During 2019 we commenced offering National Navigation Scheme Awards

Courses normally take place each year as follows:

  • Spring Navigation Course in Late March / Early April
  • Autumn Navigation Course in September


Joining PeakASU

Our courses are open to all adults in Scouting and you don’t need to be a member to take part however we would also be very keen to hear from:

  • Participants: Anybody in Scouting who would like to go on our mailing list to hear about opportunities to work towards gaining an Adventurous Activities Permit in Hillwalking
  • Mountain Leader / NGB Award holders: who would like to become full members and assist with training and assessment
  • Aspiring Mountain Leaders: who are working towards NGB qualifications and would like to obtain experience working on our courses (especially any who can cook)


For more information about any aspect of PeakASU Contact: Martin David at


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