Air Activities SASU

Air Activities SASU

Surrey Scouts have some of the best scouting opportunities in the country to experience and learn about many aspects of flying. The Surrey Scout Flying Club offers Air Experience Flying, Microlight Flying, Gliding and badge course support for Scouts, Explorers, Scout Network and Leaders.



SASU Manager: Vacant

Contact: Flying Club SecretaryStuart Barber


Air Experience Flying

Contact: Stuart Barber

Powered flights will take place from Redhill. They are generally for scouts aged 10½ years and above. The cost is £38 (2019 rate) for a light aircraft flight of about 20 minutes.

Dates for 2021/2 are unconfirmed due to Covid.


Contact: Tony Williams – 01483 272847 (Lasham & RAF Kenley)

Gliding operations are planned at Lasham (Hants) and at RAF Kenley (Surrey). They are intended to Scouts of 14 years and above (Explorers and Network), and are suitable for groups of up to and including 10 people.  Lasham flights can be organised for mid week, day time. RAF Kenley flights, during May to July and September, can be arranged Monday to Thursdays from 6 to 8.30 pm.


Upcoming Dates

Due to Covid, flight dates are not being booked at the moment.



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