Science Spectacular!

Date: 16th Feb 2018 Author: Scout Websites

Cubs from all over Woking District thoroughly enjoyed the annual District Science Day – they literally had a blast!  From exploding paint tins to computer programming and everything in between.

The day was well organised again and consisted of about 10 bases with a different (and fun) activity arranged on each.  The cubs got to try out all kinds of interesting things like how to extract the colour from red cabbage for dying things such as their tongues!  They learned about acids and alkalis and judging by the looks on their faces when they tasted the juice, they discovered that lemons are most definitely acidic!

A large container of water and a series of pulleys was used to demonstrate mechanical advantage.  The water was impossible for a cub to lift up on a single rope, even an adult would struggle, it was huge.  By rigging pulleys on ropes, they were able to successfully raise the container off the floor.  They even lifted each other off the floor in a harness!

One of the bases was in the dark in a store room; the cubs learned about refraction by directing beams of light against different shaped prisms, mirrors, metal and wood to see what the different materials did to the light.  They were impressed seeing the colours of the rainbow appear simply by shining a light through a prism.

There were several central demonstrations for everyone to watch which included an air canon ruffling the cubs’ hair, imploding and exploding paint tins, how magnets behave inside a copper pipe and even lighting up a fluorescent tube without it being attached to a light fitting!

Some of the other activities on offer were making mini motors with batteries, copper wire and a magnet, coding on a PC, water filtration, making mini explosions with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and so many other fun things.

It was a fantastic day enjoyed by everyone; it was obvious that the cubs relished in the fun and many commented that they wanted to return next year.  Hopefully they learned a few things too!

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