Cub County Quiz 2023

Date: 18th Feb 2023 Author: Alistair Tickett

A Quiztastic day!

Well, that was another fantastic afternoon at this year’s county cub quiz!

The winners were Guildford West District with Farnham District 2nd and Woking District 3rd. A massive well done to them all and indeed to everyone that took part.

The quiz is a three part event:

1st  round – pack rounds

2nd round – district round

3rd round  – county round


Everything is put together and sent out by the amazing Karen – the ADC cubs for East Surrey ( thank you again Karen ).

This year we had 12 teams: 10 cub teams & 2 leaders teams (keeps the leaders quiet while the quiz is going on – you know what they are like  😜)

It was a great afternoon of questions, food tasting, games and camaraderie.

Thanks again to all those that helped out in all rounds, I am looking forward to doing it all again !


Steve Valiant

County Cub Leader (Activities)

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