County Camping Challenge

Date: 21st Mar 2017 Author: Scout Websites

Surrey Scouts should camp for at least one night at each of the campsites listed below plus one other “large” County, District or at least Group Camp event such as The Jamboree, Scoutabout, KIX, Frantic etc. Camping should be under canvas which could include hammocks.

There is no time limitation to this challenge so previous camps could qualify and the Challenge can continue through Scouts to Explorers and Network. The Challenge is also open to all Leaders.

After you have completed 6 campsites, you are entitled to wear the Surrey Camping Challenge Silver woggle. You will need to complete all 12 campsites to qualify for the Surrey County Camping Challenge Gold woggle.

Woggles are available at cost from the County Office.

There is no need for campsites wardens or managers to complete any additional paperwork for this Challenge, we trust the administration of the Scout leaders. However, you will need to arrange and book campsites in the normal way.

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