Interested in being a Patrol Leader, or Assistant Patrol Leader?

  • Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders must be over 18 and will co-ordinate the activities of the patrol
  • The Patrol Leader must have a Nights Away Permit and First Response (First Aid) certificate by the time of the event – don’t worry if you don’t have these already, we can help you with training and funding for this training if you need it
  • You will be the communication point between your patrol and the Contingent Management Team (CMT), who will be there to support you
  • You won’t have full responsibility for the under 18 members of your patrol – this ‘parental’ responsibility sits with the CMT – but you will be keen to support and help them along the way
  • In April 2018, all Patrol Leaders will meet for a weekend at the PL Academy to learn leadership skills and get all the latest information so that they feel confident to take their patrol on a Path
  • Assistant Patrol Leaders support the Patrol Leader and, if for any reason the Patrol Leader can’t continue with Roverway, their Assistant would take over
  • Being a PL / APL is a great opportunity to take part in some training and develop your leadership skills, all in a fully supported environment – why not give it a go?

Make sure you express your interest in being a PL/APL when you register you interest here.

PL and APL Responsibilities

  • To manage the Patrol, ensuring deadlines are met and everyone involved in the Patrol is aware of the decisions that have been made
  • To be the main contact for UK Headquarters to pass on information about the UK Scout Contingent’s preparations
  • To attend Contingent events, training days/ weekends, and to work closely with the Contingent Management Team in order to ensure all relevant Unit preparations and administration meet UKHQ deadlines
  • To communicate and distribute all relevant information about Roverway 2018 to relevant parties (e.g. patrol members and their parents, UKHQ contacts, County team, etc)
  • To encourage strong cohesive ties across the Patrol so that every member feels valued and respected; nurturing a strong Patrol identity.
  • To encourage and support patrol fundraising, if requested
  • To share your Roverway experience with others to encourage participation in future International experiences, including making full use of social media over the course of your Roverway journey.
  • To contribute to the review and feedback process as required
  • Any other duties as may be reasonably requested by the County Commissioner (or designated nominee) and the Contingent Management Team.

Final TOP TIPS for a successful Patrol Leader

P – Plan to make sure all deadlines are met and your Patrol has the best experience
A – Assist those in your Patrol
T – Take the lead
R – Ready your patrol but be confident enough to ask for help
O – Organise and help with the programme.
L – Learn by doing and have fun.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls