1st Lingfield and Dormansland Hit the Slopes

Back in 2003 the 1st Lingfield & Dormansland Scout Troop held what was planned as a one-off trip of a Scouting life time to Austria skiing. The only trouble was it was so successful everybody wanted to do it again! Further trips followed in 2005 and 2007 then with the planned trip in 2009 being cancelled we thought it was probably not likely to happen again.

In 2016, with the two troops having over 70 Scouts between them, it was decided to launch the idea again.  We sent the letters out and within three days all 44 places had been taken. A busy year fundraising followed and on February 9th we all boarded the coach to Austria.

As with all previous trips this was booked through Jeka who provide a very good overall budget package.

After a long journey, the Scouts settled into the accommodation.  We could then all relax and enjoy the evening meal. The cooks come in in the morning to cook breakfast and then later in the day to cook the evening meal.

Then to what we had come for, the Skiing. We were transported each morning by our coach to the ski area of Warth and Schrocken about 35 minutes away which is a great area for beginners and also as you progress. Scouts divided up into groups and the lessons began. Some took to it like ducks to water and others struggled a bit. It was a tough first day and I am sure there were a few that hadn’t realised how hard it was going to be.

The next day brought more over cast skies and slight snow and a great comment from one of the Scouts who was ready to give up yesterday “I am still not really getting it, I’ve fallen over lots, but its great fun.”

There were some glorious sunny days and then a combination of snow rain ice and mist to finish the week off. All the Scouts had a great experience – one they would love to do again. Everyone fulfilled the requirements for the snow sports badge!

1st Lingfield and Dormansland Hit the Slopes
1st Lingfield and Dormansland Hit the Slopes
1st Lingfield and Dormansland Hit the Slopes

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