The Scouts’ View of the Week: William

The Holland trip is great opportunity for the scouts and explorers to experience scouting in another country. We can see how they may do certain things differently to us. As well as us going to Holland the Dutch scouts also come to England which gives us the opportunity to teach them are ways of doing certain things such as boating. As well as seeing how each scout group operates we also get to experience their countries culture by visiting there cities and towns. We get the opportunity to see how life works in others countries from what they eat to what they do everyday. Also both scout groups have the opportunity to get to know each other and this can make future visits easier and funnier as you already now certain scouts from previous visits. The trips to towns gives the scouts an opportunity to be independent by having to navigate through these towns using maps, signs and asking local people for directions. Also it gives scouts and time to socialise in free time to play games that we otherwise wouldn’t have played.Overall the Holland trip is both fun and a good learning opportunity for both scout groups and makes a good change from the regular scout camps.


Warspite goes to Rotterham: Freya

When we woke up this morning we were told to put on our Warspites and eat breakfasts as we were heading to Rotterdam .  It was a hour journey on the coach which was full of music, laughing and sleeping.

When we got there we split into groups and headed to the maritime museum and into town. The Scouts completed a number of challenges round the Docks while the Explorers completed a mission in town. Then everyone went shopping. Everyone was to meet at 12 for lunch so some people went to Mcdonalds, some went to Topshop, some to The Food Market and many other weird and wonderful shops. When we met for lunch if started to rain but half stayed outside and carried on eating and singing in the rain.

Afterwards everyone carried on shopping. We had a challenge to take a selfie in a weird location and there were some good entries. In the end of was a tie and everyone won. We then headed back to the coach for another long journey. When we got back everyone changed and the Explorers started to pack for Belgium. Everybody ate cake and the explorers left for Belgium.

The Visit to Kanoa: Migle

On 14/08/19, we went to a canoe centre called Kanoa. We were split into three groups and did a rotation of three different activities. The activities were a kayak expedition/kayak polo, archery tag and water rope assault course. My favourite activity was the assault course because it was exciting and was really funny when people fell off.

In the archery, we played capture the flag and arrow tag. In the kayak expedition, we went up and round a island. At the end of the day , we had a go at a canoe diving board.

It was so fun as you basically free fell of a high platform and your boat filled up with water at the bottom so it felt like you were sinking. That was our day at Kanoa. I would recommend it as it was a great experience and it built teamwork. I loved it so much!

I want the public to know how Scouting continues to open young people’s eyes to a world of extraordinary promise and possibilities.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls