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European Scout Jamboree 2020, Poland

Unfortunately due to the outbreak of Covid-19 the European Jamboree 2020 has been postponed until 2021. It will still be called the European Jamboree 2020: it will just be held in 2021. Sadly, as it will breech safeguarding rules, we have had to say farewell to a number of the unit. They have helped form the unit and will be truly missed; however that does mean that more people from our reserve list will get the chance to become a unit member and experience that awesome Wilki feeling.

After an epic pre Jamboree tour taking in some of Europe’s great cities, the unit will arrive at the Jamboree site in Poland. Based on its own island close to the city of Gdansk, the purpose built site is within walking distance of beautiful sandy beaches, pine forests and a short bus ride from the bustling city.

The Scouts and Guides of Poland will host participants for 11 days of activities, combining the chance to develop new skills, make new friends from across Europe (12 – 15,000 people are expected to attend) and experience Poland’s beautiful countryside.

New Dates 2nd-13th August 2021

Surrey Units and IST at the European Jamboree

We are delighted that Surrey will be sending the following to the European Jamboree:

  • 1 Unit of 36 participants and 4 leaders
  • 13 young people from Surrey as part of the Hampshire Unit
  • 26 International Service Team members

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‘Wilki’ is Polish for wolves. Wolves not only have a strong connection within Scouting but in Poland wolf numbers have grown to around 2000 since they became a protected species in 1998.

The Surrey Wilki leadership team is made up of experienced Scout leaders from all across Surrey, each offering strengths in different areas and together able to able to take on anything! You can contact Angii, Jo, Rowenna and Russ on

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