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16th World Scout Moot, Ireland

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 worldwide health crisis on WOSM’s overall calendar of events, WOSM has decided in direct consultation with Scouting Ireland (the Host) to postpone the event to 2022. The timeline is shown here for both participants and IST.


Pre event experience (optional): Saturday 16th to Monday 18th July 2022

The Moot: Monday 18th to Friday 29th July 2022

Post- event experience (optional): Friday 29th to Saturday 30th July 2022


The Moot: Monday 18th to 29th July 2022 (IST will be expected to be present at the Moot a few days early and/or a few days after the end of the Moot)

IST Post-event brunch: Saturday 30th July

What is the Moot?

The World Scout Moot 2022 is an international gathering of 18 to 26 year olds from around the world. Every four years, the Moot takes place in a different host country.   This time, 6000 people, 5000 participants and an International Service Team of 750 – 1000, are expected to attend.

Patrols and Tribes

The theme for this Moot is Le Chéile (leh kay-la) which translates to ‘together’.  The programme will begin with an opening gathering in Dublin city centre. From there, International patrols will spend six days on trails around the Irish countryside.  Each trail has been carefully designed to provide opportunities for community interaction, cultural exploration, adventure activities and exposure to nature.  Patrols will then return to basecamp in Dublin for four days of activity and programme.  Base Camp will have a Global Development Village where various workshops will be hosted, a contingent village where you can learn about the different countries and cultures coming together at the Moot, a big central area for ceremonies and social events and various food houses where you can try local cuisine from around the world.

International Patrols of 10 participants will be formed before the event and they will have time to get to know each other via social media.  A tribe of 4 international patrols will travel together during the trails section and live together back at base camp.

The UK Contingent base fees are:

£995 per participant

£895 per International Service Team (IST) member


Applications for the World Scout Moot are now closed and we are pleased to announce 20 Participants and 9 IST members will be attending from Surrey having secured places through a ballot.

View the Moot webpage HERE

Find out more from the UK contingent here:

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