Surrey Explorers Survival School

Between: 13th September 2019 - 15th September 2019 Location: Surrey Hills Sections: Explorer Scouts

The Concept

The Survival Skills workshop is about overcoming adversity; the challenges presented in order to survive in the wild will be circa 50% mental and 50% physical:

Mental in that facilities and conditions on the remote woodland site will be very basic; and,
Physical in that everything we do will involve hands-on work.

With approval of the Explorer Scout Leader, we offer the survival workshop to Explorer Scouts who are older or more experienced in Scouting; typically, 15 years old or over; but, booking should not be restricted by age alone; maturity and experience in Scouting is of equal importance.

If only one or two Explorer Scouts from the Unit wish to participate please don’t think you can’t apply – it is not necessary for the entire Unit to apply. We will form Units of 4 Explorer Scouts – Explorer Scouts might not be placed with peers from the same Explorer Unit. Please talk to us if you have any questions.

We will confirm the Explorer Scout application with the Explorer Scout Leader before confirming the booking – Leader contact details will be required to complete the Booking.


Our programme will include:

  • Friday evening – Meet with peers at Drop-Off point – Walk to site (circa 90mins Max) – Setup Tarp’n’Hammock – Issue ration pack.
  • Saturday Morning – Breakfast (ration pack) – Skills Instruction (fire lighting (no matches), knife-craft (make utensil for cooking/eating), Source and prepare water for drinking, Construct a shelter for overnight) and Lunch (back woods).
  • Saturday Afternoon – Practice skills (construct overnight shelter, make utensil, establish fire)
  • Saturday Dinner – Prepare cooked meal of meat such as rabbit or fish to cook over an open fire.
  • Saturday Evening – Search and Rescue Exercise.
  • Sunday Morning – Breakfast (Back woods) followed by Tracking/Catching your food (such as fishing or snares). Identify and source local, edible plants and the risks involved in eating those incorrectly identified.



The workshop will be located within privately own woodland in the Surrey Hills (central-south of Surrey) providing very basic greenfield camping in the manner of the early Baden-Powel camps.
We have not revealed the exact site location at this time to retain a sense of mystique about the survival aspect; we will confirm the OS Grid reference to the Explorer Scout Leader at time of confirming joining-in information with the Explorer Scout – we ask the Explorer Scout Leader to assist us in managing the special nature of this survival activity by not revealing the site location to Explorer Scouts.
A few days before the activity Explorer Scouts will be notified of joining-in details and Drop-Off location to meet with peers on the Friday evening – As part of a small group, the Explorer Scout will ‘hike-in’ to site – A briefing will be given at the Drop-Off location.
Details of the pick-up location for the Sunday will be notified to parents/guardians separately. The pick-up location is accessible via any family car.
The woodland site is a location of special biodiversity interest and is secure; vehicle access is not possible without prior arrangement. We extend a welcome to Leaders to visit the activity on the Saturday afternoon by prior arrangement with the activity organiser.


A key aspect of the Survival Skills Workshop is offered as an aid to develop the Explorer Scout and Unit structure; Explorer Scouts are encouraged to play a lead role in organising their own participation in this Scouting activity; this does not mean the Explorer Scout must plan alone, you might like to coordinate with fellow unit members:

  • The Explorer Scout should read and understand documentation supporting this Scouting Activity offered with the welcome information pack.
  • The Explorer Scout should prepare equipment required for this Scouting Activity (see separate Personal Equipment document); also, Survival Skills – Survival; It’s Your Choice.
  • The Explorer Scout should practice pre-requisite skills required to fully engage in this Scouting Activity:
    • Basic map’n’compass (navigation) skills – As part of a small group, the Explorer Scout will ‘walk-in’ to site on the Friday evening from a specified drop-off location – an evening walk through a hilly, forested, area which should take no more than 60 minutes.
    • Basic First Aid – The Explorer Scout will participate in a Search and Rescue scenario in the hills surrounding the activity area. Basic First aid knowledge will be ‘tested’ on a live (human) casualty during this scenario – diagnostic skills and reasoning in first-aid skills would be of assistance.
    • Basic Cooking skills – The Explorer Scout will prepare and cook their own meals using foods provided – There will be NO central catering back-up.


To simplify administration booking is via our booking site only – Booking Site

Activity fee is charged at £40.00 per Explorer Scout payable at time of booking.
Places are allocated on first-come-first-served basis.
Please talk to us if problems are encountered or you have any questions.

Organiser: (Explorer Scout Leader MUST be CC’d in message)




Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls