Beavers Go Wild 2022 (September Event)

Between: 17th September 2022 - 18th September 2022 Location: Bentley Copse Activity Centre Sections: Beaver Scouts Event Organiser: Bentley Copse Activity Centre

Surrey Beaver Scouts are running another one night camp at Bentley Copse, Hound House Road, Shere, Guildford Surrey GU5 9JH on 17/18th September 2022.

It is an event for all Beavers. The purpose of the event is to have the excitement of a one night camp under canvas, to experience an activity weekend including a wide range of activities, learning new skills and to meet fellow Beavers from the county. The theme is “Beavers Go Wild ”

We also would like the leaders to join with the county, especially if they have not had the opportunity to camp outside with their Beavers. This will give a chance to be a part of an organised camp, to enjoy working with their Beavers and observe activities they may not have seen before, taking the ideas back to their colonies. We would encourage adults to network with other leaders within the county


Beavers Go Wild Information

Beavers Go Wild – Information

Beavers Go Wild will take place on 17th – 18th June 2022 at Bentley Copse Camp Site.

Beavers Go Wild Fees

Beavers: £35.00 (plus transport from your district). This includes food, camping, organised activities

Leaders – £14.00 (per adult). This includes food and camping.

All attendees will need to bring a packed lunch on Saturday.

In order to secure your registration, a non-returnable deposit of £17.50 per Beaver must be paid which must reach the Surrey Scouts’ account by 15th July 2022.  A deposit of £7 per adult must be paid at the same time.  Please book via the registration link.

Due to the popularity of this event, it is a first come, first served booking.

Full payments and numbers: by 15th August 2022.

Each group is responsible for arranging their own transport to and from the event. To ease congestion, please seriously consider travelling by mini-bus rather than cars.

Beavers Go Wild Registration

Beavers Go Wild Registration

Welcome to the Beavers Go Wild Online Booking System

Beavers Go Wild is an event for Beavers from Surrey. In order to secure your registration, a non-returnable deposit of £17.50 per Beaver must be paid which must reach the Surrey Scouts’ account by 15th July 2022.  A deposit of £7 per adult must be paid at the same time.

Register now HERE!

Full payments and numbers by 15th August 2022 .

If you have any more questions regarding Beavers Go Wild, please contact

Beavers Go Wild Payments

Beavers Go Wild Payments

The Beavers Go Wild Administration Team would prefer all payments via BACS. In order to pay via this method, you will need the information below:

CAF Bank

Sort Code: 40-52-40

Account No: 00013107

Account name: Surrey County Scout Council

Please use payment reference: BGW22 followed by your booking reference

For example, if the 99th Bentley Copse had the booking reference 12345, the reference would be: BGW22/12345

If your Group is unable to pay via BACS, please make out a cheque payable to Surrey County Scout Council and send it along with your booking receipt, which will be sent to you via email automatically once you have registered to:

Beavers Go Wild Administration
County Office
Bentley Copse Scout Campsite
Hound House Road

Once your payment has been received, you will receive and email confirming your payment. These payments are also viewable from the View Payments and Balance page on the online booking system.

Beavers Go Wild Activities

Beavers Go Wild Activities

We are asking each Colony to provide an activity for the Beavers with the theme “Beavers Go Wild” for the beavers to do, make and enjoy i.e. badge making, backwoods cooking, blind trail, pushball and rope making to name just a few.

You will need to provide the activity and any equipment that you will need to run it. The Activity can be run by other adults i.e other sectional leaders or parents that have a DBS.

Expenses will be reimbursed.

Beavers Go Wild Documents

Beavers Go Wild Documents

poster2022 weekend 2

Beavers’ Kit List and Leader’s Guidance (Available later)

BGW Expense Form

Beavers Go Wild FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What 1st Aid facilities are available?

We have our County First Aid team on site at all times.

Who will be looking after the site during the night?

The colony leaders will be sleeping close by to their colony and we have a team that will look after the site during the night and assist any beaver who may need guidance to the toilets and returning to their tents.

Can I drive on to the site?

We have 2 small car parks on site and each District will be allocated a time for arrival and departure to drop off and collect their Beavers. Cars must be full because of the parking and parents aren’t allowed to stay once they have dropped off their child. We will have a 1 way system through the site and they will leave at the top exit and turn left on to Hound House Road towards Ewhurst.

Why do we have to turn left at the top exit?

Because Hound House Road is very narrow and the volume of traffic in a short space of time, traffic will have to turn left, allowing a clearer road to allow traffic on site at the lower car park.

Why do we have to have a car full?

We are asking each car to be full of Beavers to cut down the amount of traffic on to the site.

Can Beavers sleep indoors?

No, this camp is for all Beavers. We would like them to have a 1 Night camping experience in preparation for their journey to Cubs.

Can Leaders bring their children?

Unfortunately no children of Leaders are allow to the camp. This gives the Beavers more opportunities for enjoying activities.

What toilets are available?

We have a brick toilet block on site for both boys and girls and separate leaders, including Showers.

When do I put up the tents?

We would ask, if possible, that you put them up on Friday, either during the day or evening. There won’t be much time on Saturday.

How do I claim my expenses?

You will be able to print off the form from the website and submit it to the County Office with the accompanied purchase receipts.

Do you need a DBS to stay?

Yes all adult leaders and helpers need a DBS Permit to stay over.

Do I have to have a Nights Away Permit?

Each Colony should have a Nights Away permit to camp. If you don’t have one then you could join up with another Colony in your District who has one.

Denise Iverson holds a Permit and is staying on site.

Where can I park on site?

Please join with other leaders to fill the car up who are staying for the camp, who will be parked on Site 10. Because of the space, the cars will be parked close together.

Will there be any other campers on site during the weekend?

We have the whole site to ourselves.

Can I bring a coach /minibus?

Because of the location of the site, coaches aren’t able to be used but minibuses can.

Do Beavers have to bring any money?

The Beavers don’t need any more money as everything is provided. Each attendee will get a Beavers Go Wild badge.  If you would like to buy a Bentley Copse Activity Centre Badge too, these can be preordered from Bentley Copse and they will invoice you separately.  The badges will be available for you to collect at the event.  There is a Tuck Shop on site but it wont be open.

Where will the camping take place?

The beavers will camp with their District on the field.

Where will the activities take place?

The majority will take place within the wooded camping sites.

What are the ratios of adults to Beavers?

The requirement is for 1 adult to 6 Beavers and 1 extra adult.

Beavers Go Wild Team

Scoutabout Team

Surrey Scouts


Name and Role

Denise Iverson

Beavers Go Wild Event Leader

Assistant County Commissioner (Beaver Scouts)


Katy Cozens (Admin)

Katy deals with all Scoutabout admin


Kevin Yeo (Admin)

Kevin deals with the booking site


Nick Cann

Site Manager

Bentley Copse Manager


Luke Daniels

Activities Team Leader


Alistair Tickett

Media Team Leader

Deputy County Commissioner (Programme, Media & Comms)


Ian Macqueen

Deputy County Commissioner (Events)


Beavers Go Wild Gallery 2019

Watch the gallery HERE.


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