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Managers – Providing Direction – Validation Event – Zoom

Date: 21st September 2021 Between: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Location: Zoom Online Session LTM: Howard Hills

This event includes a discussion of providing a “vision”, motivating others to get behind the plan and the potential reaction of others.

In preparation for the event you will need a development plan you are implementing, an “elevator” pitch; (a 60 second description of what you wish to achieve), details of how you are communicating your plan (slide show or document maybe), details of some feedback from your leaders about your plan as you implement it (anecdotal). Also please be able to tell the group your preferred leadership style (from the quiz in “Leading Local Scouting”. The rest of the group will give feedback on your plan.

To be eligible you must have attended Getting Started in Management or been validated for LMM and either attended “Skills for Management” or complete the Independent Learning for “Planning for Growth” and “Leading local Scouting”.


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