Executive Support

The Executive Committee is key to the well-being of and group, district or county. They bring guidance and hold people to account for the running of the Charity. As such, they are trustees of the charity and must meet the requirements of the The Charities Commission.

The resources below are provided to support Executive Committees to run well and within the boundaries of The Charity Commission.

Every committee is made up of ex-officio, elected and nominated members. Leaders can be on the executive if they specifically agree to be and meet the criteria.

Not everyone can be an executive member as they have to meet the criteria of The Charity Commission. Consequently, every member must sign a declaration that they are eligible and committed to the task.

In order to avoid recruiting people who are not eligible to be Trustees, it is best practice to research and approach people in advance of an AGM. Leaflets are available to help:

Headquarters’ Support

Headquarters have made support materials available on their website, for download or for order from Scout Shops.

Policy Organisation and Rules (POR) on Trustees


All executive members should receive training to help them understand their role as Trustees. Training may be obtained from attending courses (see the training diary online for details) or via e-learning (links below).

Safety checklist

The Charity Commission

The Charity Commission produce a series of guides to help you be an effective Executive.

The Essential Trustee CC3

Hallmarks of a good charity CC10

Useful guides available from Amazon:

The Charity Commission website is full of useful material and guidance.

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