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Become a District Communications Champion

Surrey Scouts runs some great County events and the Media Team produces photo galleries and videos via our Smugmug site and Vimeo site.

In order to help districts do the same, we are introducing the role of District Communications Champions.  Having seen how effective this role is with the jamboree teams, we are rolling it out to the districts.  A District Comms Champ will take on the role to cover a specific event and gather content of their own district, supported by the county Media Team.  This means that district social media and websites can be refreshed swiftly with content relevant to the local area, garnering support from those who follow social media feeds.  The District Comms Champs can support their local groups to get useful content for their own websites and social media too and because the Comms Champs will be focusing on their own districts, there should be a plenty of content to choose from with local leaders asking their Comms Champ for photos and shots they would like e.g whole group shots with the selfie frames.

The county Media Team will offer support with generating content and using it.  We may be able to offer extra kit if needed such as video microphones.  We will help with press releases and can host photo and video content for you via our sites.

Although this role is offered on an event by event basis to give people lots of flexibility, there is no reason why people might not do more than one event or join the Media Team itself.

Key Points

  • It is flexible – you only commit to one event
  • Support from the county Media Team
  • You generate and disseminate relevant content for your District

Role Profile

District Communications Champion role profile

Who can apply?

The role is open to adults and Explorers.  Adults applying must have a current DBS.  As the Comms Champ will be representing their district, the District Commissioner will agree that they undertake the role as they will need to be able to access and upload to district social media and websites.  If more than one person from the district apply, the DC will help decide who will undertake the role.

How to apply

There are two ways to apply.

– Complete the application form District Communications Champion application form

– Apply online HERE


Applications to be a District Communications Champion for SCRAM 2019 close at midnight on 12th June 2019

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