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Target Shooting

County Advisers

General & Live Firing: Philip Diprose
Air Rifle Shooting: David Robinson – Tel: 01483 474030

Shooting requires a steady eye and steady hand but it can be an exciting expression of control and skill. A parent or guardian’s permission is specifically required on each occasion that a young person under 18 years old takes part in a shooting activity. Contact an adviser if further guidance is needed. There are facilities for air rifle shooting at the County Campsite at Bentley Copse. Contact the manager on 01483 202424 – for details of costs and availability.

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Target Shooting


Visit the SCSRC website for latest details of events.

Preliminary training sessions (PTS) are run to introduce young people to shooting. They include fullbore rifle shooting, air pistols and gallery rifles.

Our annual multi discipline day – Scoutshoot – is held in early September (contact Philip Diprose) at Bisley. The National Scout Rifle championship is held over a weekend in mid October (check website for details)

In addition, Club Members are offered other opportunities to practice Short and Long Range Rifle Shooting at Bisley.


Introductory Preliminary Training Sessions and Short Range:Philip Diprose

Long Range: John Pain

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