Target Shooting

Target Shooting

County Advisers

General & Live Firing: Philip Diprose
Air Rifle Shooting: David Robinson – Tel: 01483 474030

Shooting requires a steady eye and steady hand but it can be an exciting expression of control and skill.

This activity encourages accuracy, responsibility and calmness and can be as competitive or not as you want. Not surprisingly there are strict safety rules governing the sport however it is very accessible in Surrey with lots of different opportunities available.

The general information on offering the activity is HERE


There are facilities for air rifle shooting at the County Activity Centre at Bentley Copse and also at Walton Firs Activity Centre. Contact the centre managers for more information.  It is essential when planning this activity that you ensure that the equipment available is age/size appropriate.

For advice on other opportunities contact one of the advisers who give details of options, costs and availability.

A parent or guardian’s permission is now specifically required on each occasion that a young person under 18 years old takes part in a shooting activity.

How do I get Involved?

To get experience for young people or as an adult, get in touch with the Surrey County Scout Rifle Club SASU

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