Join the Geocache adventure!

Geocaching is a form of outdoor treasure hunt in which GPS signals are used to find hidden caches. The caches can be tiny or larger boxes which contain items to be moved around between caches. The geocacher logs their finding of the site on the official geocache website. Some items which get placed in caches are trackable which means they have a code on them that can be entered onto the website at which ever site they are left. This allows other geocachers to know if there is a trackable in the cache for which they are hunting.

There is an national (and indeed international) network of caches supported by websites and Apps. There are loads of opportunities across Surrey including in urban areas.

For more information or suggestions look at: or or contact:


Visit the Geocaching website here:

You can download apps to allow you to use your phone as a gps.

Buy your Surrey Scouts Geotags HERE and join in the fun!

Surrey Scouts Trackable Geotag

Surrey Scouts now has its own trackable geotag. You can create a mission for the coin such as ‘Help me visit as many countries as possible’ or ‘Help me to visit every county in Britain’ and then you can track your tag’s progress on its mission by logging into the website and seeing where it has been moved to by other geocachers.

Get your section to come up with a mission for its trackable geotag and then monitor its progress.

  • Take one with you on Summer camp and let it loose in the wild!
  • See where a cache is lurking near you and add your trackable to it!
  • Take one on an international trip and really kick star the mission!
  • Use them for your own geocache adventures!


To register your Surrey Scouts geotag, you will need an account with (free) and then you add your trackable.    Activate the trackable HERE.  The activation code is Scouts.

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