First Aid

First Aid

County First Aid Adviser: Chris Rowley

County First Aid SASU: Martin David


General First Aid Requirements

A First Aid qualification is required for all Leaders.  It must not be allowed to lapse and is to be renewed every three years. The standard qualification is Module 10 – First Response | Scouts or an equivalent.


First Aid for Adventurous Activities

All groups undertaking adventurous activities must have immediate access to someone holding a relevant and current first aid qualification. This need not be the permit holder. The detail of the first aid skills required will be identified by the risk assessment, but the minimum qualifications (or equivalents) are:

  • A full first aid certificate as defined at Module 10 – First Response | Scouts   is required for all remote activities, where travelling time is 3 hours or more (in the method of travel being used) to a point of refuge including;
    • a road which carries a normal road-going ambulance
    • a building which is occupied (such as a farm or harbour);
    • or another means of calling help (such as a telephone box)
  • First Response is required for all other adventurous activities.

The default First Aid qualification that many Adventurous Activity Instructors hold is the 16Hour Outdoor First Aid Course. The SASU run a number of these each year at Bentley Copse.


Advice on First Aid

For general advice on First Aid contact Chris Rowley

The County Training Team has its own First Aid SASU who provide First aid training and should be able to assist with identifying suitable courses and/or providers. Find out more HERE or contact Martin David.

If you require help or advice in choosing First Aid equipment or supplies, please contact

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