Archery is in ancient sport that is still very popular today and for which there are number of opportunities to take part within the county.

General information is available at: HERE

The County Adviser can be contacted via:

There are archery ranges and full sets of equipment available at the County Activity centre, Bentley Copse. More details on the facilities and costs can be obtained from:

You can bring your own instructors or make use of the centre staff or even better book on one of the Archery GB Qualification courses that they run from time to time.

There are a number of other local activity centres that offer archery plus a few Scouts Groups within Surrey have their own ranges. For more details contact the County Adviser

There is potential for younger sections to take part in age-appropriate versions of this activity such as using generic young people’s archery sets.  However, you still need ensure appropriate activity and safety advice is followed. Please contact the County Adviser for more information.

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