Air Activities

Air Activities

Flying through the air in a small aircraft or beneath a paragliding canopy is a wonderful and exhilarating experience that gives another perspective on our world. It can also stimulate a desire to know more about aircraft, flying techniques weather etc.

Surrey Scouts have some of the best scouting opportunities in the country to experience and learn about many aspects of flying. The Surrey Scout Flying Club offers Air Experience Flying, Microlight Flying, Gliding and badge course support for Scouts, Explorers, Scout Network and Leaders.

County Adviser: Temporary contact – Stuart Barber


There are lots of opportunities to undertake badges with a focus on air activities too – check the National website for badge requirements.

Flying is an intrinsically exciting activity but practical flying is generally unsuitable for less than 10½ years.  However, there are badges available for Beavers & Cubs which start to create an interest.

Some Ideas are:

  • Make Model planes, kites and fly them
  • Invite an expert to give illustrated talk1953
  • Visit air show at Biggin Hill, Farnborough, Redhill, Duxford etc.
  • Visit an airfield etc

Requirements and Restrictions

Just the normal planning and risk assessment that you would do with any activity

Who can advise

Some Districts have their own adviser otherwise contact the County Air Adviser




Air Experience Flying

Powered flights will take place from Redhill Aerodrome. They are generally for scouts 10½ and above for a 20-minute flight in a light aircraft.

Micro lighting 

The facilities and costs vary according to location and needs to be prebooked in advance.


Available for groups at Redhill on Saturdays. Requires a minimum of 5 people for a 15min trip.


This is relatively more expensive more expensive but does offer some hands-on experience and occupies a half day for groups of 8 preferably. Dawn or evening starts can be arranged but needs to be booked well in advance.


Paragliding opportunities run between March and October.  For further details, information pack and booking forms, visit the SASU page.


Gliding operations are planned at Lasham (Hants) and at RAF Kenley (Surrey). They are intended for Scouts of 14 years and above (Explorers and Network) and are suitable for groups of up to and including 10 people. Lasham flights can be organised for mid-week, daytime. RAF Kenley flights, during May to July and September, can be arranged Monday to Thursdays from 6 to 8.30 pm.

The Contact is: Tony Williams. Telephone: 01483 272847

Badge Courses 

Leaders looking for help or guidance about the requirements or training available in relation to the Aviation Skills badges, should first consult their district air adviser if they have one or where there is demand county organised courses on specific subjects can be arranged.

How do I get involved?

Surrey Scouts offers a range of flying experiences via its air-focused SASU.  Head over to the SASU pages to find the latest details of their activities and what they offer:

Air Activities SASU

Surrey and GLSW Paragliding SASU


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