About Scouts (10½-14)

Each Scout Troop consists of small units of six to eight Scouts called a Patrol, usually led by a Patrol Leader. Lots of Outdoor activities feature prominently, with the highlight being camping.

Throughout the year, Scouts learn various skills, such as map reading, camp cooking and first aid in preparation for camp.

Rock climbing, potholing, gliding, photography and international experiences are just some of the things they get up to.

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Competition Time!

County Camping Challenge

Surrey Scouts should camp for at least one night at each of the campsites listed below plus one other “large” County, District or at least Group Camp event such as The Jamboree, Scoutabout, KIX, Frantic etc. Camping should be under canvas which could include hammocks.
There is no time limitation to this challenge so previous camps could qualify and the Challenge can continue through Scouts to Explorers and Network. The Challenge is also open to all Leaders.
After you have completed 6 campsites, you are entitled to wear the Surrey Camping Challenge Silver woggle. You will need to complete all 12 campsites to qualify for the Surrey County Camping Challenge Gold woggle.
Woggles are available at cost from the County Office.
There is no need for campsites wardens or managers to complete any additional paperwork for this Challenge, we trust the administration of the Scout leaders. However, you will need to arrange and book campsites in the normal way.

Full details
Record sheet

Guildford West Cooking Competition

On Saturday 19th November the 2016 District Scouts Backwoods Cooking Cooking was held at Normandy Scouts’ HQ. The few hardy souls from Rydes Hill and St Nics who decided to brave the cold by camping-over were greeted by sunshine and frost in the morning.

We had teams from 2nd Guildford (a team of 3 scouts), 1st Normandy, 1st Rydes Hill and St Nicolas 9th Guildford. In all, eight teams tried their hand at a rather less exotic menu than last year (Pig Farmer's Dinner replacing Campfire Calzone).

The hardiest souls were the judging team, led by DC Carol.  Tasting comments mentioned the taste of petrol in one meal and some rather raw cooking apples. Nevertheless, a number of teams worked together to produce a very enjoyable meal. 2nd Guildford proved that small is beautiful by using solid teamwork to win the event from St Nics’ team "3" who were second.

St Nics’ team 1 provided one of the highlights of the event by one of their member deciding to fall in the stream and as everyone went to laugh, a neighbour's dog took full opportunity and stole their food.

1st Brookwood Win Woking District Scouts Incident Night Hike

The Woking District Scout Incident Night Hike has been run every November since 2000.  Using Woking’s Birchmere Campsite and the surrounding Wisley Common, Scouts navigate around a series of bases and complete the incidents including air rifle shooting, pancake flipping, hand-held radio challenge, first aid and many more.  

This was a record breaking year, where 26 teams and 137 Scouts participated.  In addition to the 40 Scout Leaders running bases, we were fortunate enough to be supported by fantastic Explorer units who maned additional bases so that more teams could take part.  As well as the Explorers, Network Team members assisted the Event team, it meant that the total number of Scouters at the event exceeded 220!

As with previous years, the competition was high and the points awarded were very close.  1st Brookwood were the first winners of this event back in 2000 and it gives me great pleasure to confirm that the 2016 winners are again 1st Brookwood (A Team), with 1st Knaphill (Knaphill Badgers) coming second and 1st Send St. Mary's (Send Green) in third place. Well done to all those that took part and thank you to all those that supported it.

1st Brookwood A team leader Tom Collins said … “It was a very enjoyable evening with great bases led by Leaders and Explorer Scouts. A couple of the best bases included the Morse code and toxic waste, but all the bases were very enjoyable and it turned out to be a fantastic evening. Thank you to everyone who chipped in to help out make the evening a huge success and especially to Andy for making the pieces fit together”


Congratulations to all of the Scouts who received their Chief Scout’s Gold Award at the recent presentation in Leatherhead.

Check out the full gallery of pictures HERE.

Expedition Challenge

The Surrey County Expedition Challenge is an annual event to provide Scouts from across the County with the opportunity to undertake an expedition to meet the requirements of the Expedition Challenge Award.

It is a two-day activity in the form of a lightweight hiking and camping expedition (very similar to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award expedition). Scouts will plan, hike, camp and cook for themselves over the weekend. A team of judges will score their efforts and grade performance and, for those participating in the competition element, decide on the winning team. The event is open to both competition teams (who hike on their own without adults) and those supported by adult leaders (training teams who are younger or less experienced). Progress during the hike element is monitored by use of checkpoints manned by adults. It is not an incident hike but scouts will be assessed at checkpoints. Water re-fills will be provided at checkpoints.

The training teams are intended to be younger scouts. As such, they are not required to carry their equipment during the hiking sections but the equipment should nevertheless be lightweight (so no patrol tents, 10kg gas bottles running multi-ring stoves etc). Leaders can offer support to training teams but the intention is that the scouts do as much for themselves as possible. Training teams will need to have an adult leader to hike with them.

The overall objectives are to encourage teamwork, resilience, resourcefulness and a sense of achievement in the Young People who participate. It also aims to encourage their development in outdoor activities as well as an opportunity to have fun!

Surrey Scouts


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