Farnham Scouts Take Training Seriously!

Farnham Scouts have been capitalising on the good weather by working up their pioneering and climbing skills at their district training centre at Garners Field.

Leaders, Young Leaders and Scouts alike have been honing their belay and ascent expertise under the watchful gaze of the District Climbing Chief, Bill Weller, using the 30ft artificial wall in Tilford. The scouts, preparing for summer camp and other technical training awards have been developing both their individual and teamwork credentials designing and building A frame structures and other timber designs using wooden uprights, beams and braces.

This was just the training exercise, but on the 21st July, they’ll be off for a week using these skills in a “live” environment at Summer Camp in the New Forest.

Good luck scouts – looks like you’re going to BE PREPARED for the next challenge.




Edward Hill, ASL Fox Troop

5th Farnham (Bourne) Scouts