In true Blue Peter style, with egg boxes and sticky backed plastic, eight teams of Cub Scouts from Guildford West District competed against each other to design a Scout campsite.

At the recent competition, eight teams from 5th Guildford ‘Lions’, 2nd Guildford, St Nicolas/9th Guildford, 1st Rydes Hill (St Marys), 1st Weyfield School and 1st Stoughton. The teams were marked on teamwork, behaviour as well as their finished products.

Sam, aged 9. said, ‘It was fun making a campsite: it was good fun making them.’

Sarah, aged 10, said, ‘It was a fun afternoon working with other cub scouts.’

Neil Wibberley (Assistant District Commissioner – Cub Scouts) said it was great to see so many Cubs be creative and enjoy the afternoon – there was certainly a wide range of ideas, along with some excellent designs.

The joint winners were 1st Rydes Hill (St Marys) & 1st Weyfield School.