Surrey issued the Surrey Camping Challenge last year, tempting Scouts with a silver woggle once they camped at 6 of the county’s own camp sites. 1st Knaphill completed the challenge in October with four leaders, one young leader and five Scouts completing their 6th camp at “ShootOut camp” which they held at Jordan Heights in Reigate.

1st Knaphill are always on the look-out for new venues to help Scouts get the most enjoyment out of their camping. In 2015 they started working on the Welsh Dragon Challenge, which involves camping in every month of the year – six of the Scouts and one leader have completed the bronze challenge and have now started working on the silver award which introduces some challenges to complete while camping.

 The camping challenges have been a huge success, with some of the Scouts organising their own camps around gaps in the programme. Two of the Knaphill Scouts have already achieved their 50 nights away, and eight more have their 35 badge. Where’s your favourite camping spot in Surrey?