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Kix FAQs

What does the fee cover?

Your fee includes insurance, transport, camp uniform and food from your arrival in Kandersteg to the time of your departure. It also includes all activities except your Troop Choice day.

What sort of insurance has been purchased?

We’ve purchased insurance from Unity Insurance that covers you for all activities, cancellation due to ill health, etc.

What is included in the camp uniform?

We’ll be providing a camp T-Shirt or Polo (TBC) and a UK scarf. You will need to wear your usual blue Scout trousers.

What sort of tent do I need to bring?

You’ll need a normal lightweight ‘hike’ style tent. You may want to pack some strong, ‘nail’ style pegs as the ground can be hard in places.

Do I need any special clothing?

No. The mountain weather can be changeable so please pack both wet weather clothing and sun protection – we’ve had both snow, hail and sun stroke on previous visits to KISC.

Is there a laundrette on site?

Yes, there is a full laundry in the Kanderlodge – including drying space. It can however be very busy and things have been known to go missing so we recommend you check your clothes regularly. There are also drying rooms on the campsite.

Can I book activities direct with KISC?

Please do not do this unless you have discussed this with us first – it can cause programme and billing issues.

What is the postal address of KISC?

Kandersteg International Scout Centre

Wagetiweg 7
CH – 3718 Kandersteg

Tel. +41 33 675 82 82
Fax. +41 33 675 82 89

What is the camping ground like?

It’s firm (we recommend a sleeping mat) and can collect water during heavy rain (so make sure you keep your kit packed in waterproof bags).

Are the activities safe?

Yes, they are safe and run by either experienced Surrey Activity instructors or by local Swiss experts.

Do I need to be able to swim for the River Cruise?

Yes, you’ll need to be able to swim 50m. You will be wearing a buoyancy aid during the cruise.

How far are the hikes?

You’ll be doing one low hike and one ‘high’ hike – the hikes are all designed to be suitable for Scouts and will be selected to suit the age and fitness of your group.

Can I complete the KISC badges during Kix?

Yes you can do this – please check the requirements on the KISC website – you’ll probably need to select your Troop Choice and local day activities carefully to complete the awards.

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