What is America in a Bag?

North America in a Bag is a collection of programme ideas and resources given to each of the Jamboree Units. The intention is that participants to the 2019 World Scout Jamboree can visit groups within Surrey and spread the Jamboree message and excitement as well as raising awareness of international Scouting.

The resources are already available here: https://ukcontingent.co.uk/jamboree-2019/north-america-in-a-bag/ If you want to run some activities yourself, you’ll find that many of the programmes don’t need any resources from the physical ‘Bag’ to be run, though they might need a bit of preparation!

How do I request a visit?

If you know a Jamboree participant from your Group or District, the easiest way to coordinate a visit would be to get in touch with them directly or via your District team.

Otherwise, drop one/all of the Surrey Jamboree Units an email at jambounit64 -AT- surrey-scouts.org.uk or jambounit65 -AT- surrey-scouts.org.uk or jambounit66 -AT- surrey-scouts.org.uk

They will do their best to find one or more Jamboree participants locally who is able to visit your Section’s meeting day, time and location.

What can I expect from a visit?

They will be able to talk about their Jamboree experience and will have seen the same programme ideas from the link above. They may be able to secure their Jamboree Unit’s bag of resources, but depending on availability and logistics this may not always be the case.

Please do not expect a fully formed 2 hour programme! We recommend you are prepared with kick-off and time-filling games/activities.

Is there a cost to a visit?

There is no set cost; however, we expect the cost of any consumables used, including those required to replace contents of the bag, to be covered by the section.

The Jamboree participants would be very grateful for a nominal donation towards their fundraising. They may also appreciate the opportunity to sell some of their Jamboree Unit badges for fundraising.