Media Support…

Media Support Team

  • Alistair Tickett – County Communications Manager  – Team Leader, Website, Surrey+
  • Max Harvey – County Communications Manager (Media) – Brand Management & Design
  • Neil Wibberley – County Media Development Manager – Print Media
  • Eric Stammers – County Communications Manager (Media) – Photography
  • Adam Plowden – County Communications Manager (Media) – Video
  • Beth Jefferies – County Communications Manager (Media) – Social Media
  • Toby Athersuch – County Communications Manager

If you would like any assistance with media for an event or in general, please complete the Media Support Request Form or via Google forms here and the team will be in touch.

It is important that we follow the branding as set out by The Scout Association wherever possible. There is a lot of support provided by HQ to get this right. This ranges from editable, pre-prepared materials available in The Print Centre to logs and logo generators which will allow you to add your own group or event name to a logo.

If you are considering renewing District or Group resources, please ensure that they are on-brand and are using the correct version of the Scout Logo. The Print Centre is a really useful resource and a guide to using it is in the video below.

The Guidelines talk about the use of specific fonts. The County has purchased a copy for use within the county. The Media Support Team can supply this on request.

“Simply save and install this on your computer. We recommend using it sparingly, usually in capitals and for headings only. The Serif Plain font is also included, which may be used for body copy. Please note that Arial may also be used as an alternative font for either headers or text.”

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