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Surrey Scouts’ Annual Review 2013-2014

Godstone Centenary

East Surrey District Scouts celebrating 100 years of Scouting at the headquarters of Godstone Scouts.

Members of the Scout Groups of East Surrey attended Centenary tea celebration and special guest were Cllr Liz Parker Chairman of Tandridge District Council and escort Mr Robin Parker.


Cutting of the centenary cake by Cllr Liz Parker, Ken Bush Chairman of East Surrey District Scouts and Phil Hands District Commissioner East Surrey District.

1st Hinchley Wood Triumph in Four Inns Walk

1st Hinchley Scout Group entered six teams (20 members) in the 2015 Four Inns Walk and also this year an additional two teams from 2nd Molesey also took part from Esher District. The 1st Hinchley Wood under 25 team team won the National Trophy for the second year running for the fastest time.

The Four Inns Walk comprises either a 66 km walk or the new  shorter route 35K, introduced last year on a trial basis to encourage entries from 14- 18 . It crosses some of England’s most rugged and beautiful terrain in Peak District  and is a tough challenge.

The walk starts in Holmbridge - not far from Holmfirth, which is famous as the village in 'Last of the Summer Wine'. You are immediately into a long climb up to the first checkpoint at the site of the old Isle of Skye Inn (now long gone). From there we turned off onto the Pennine Way - in this section it is made of great slabs of stone, so is usually a good surface and also hard on the feet. The first really big climb is up to Black Hill - a featureless moorland and peat bog, very hard going as we soon depart the track and progress across open terrain. This is one of the hardest sections, because the bogs make it a slow trudge and the frozen hummocks turn your ankles and make you alter your stride every step. But this is also the first truly awesome part of the walk – steep climbs, lovely valleys, high hills all around.

Through the walk-through checkpoint at Hey Moss then down to the youth hostel at Crowden .From Crowden we walk along the reservoir before starting a long climb up to Bleaklow. Bleaklow is bleak: high open moorland, almost trackless, with deep peat 'groughs' lined with the most soft and yielding peat: like walking on garden compost. Bleaklow is more bleak, and much, much bigger. This year however we encountered fantastic sunny weather. .

Finally the checkpoint at Doctor’s Gate and then down to the Snake Pass Inn checkpoint  ( start of 35km route), and fording a little river to start the arduous ascent of Kinder. By the time we start upwards we have done 30 km and crossed two of the highest peat moorlands in England, so are pretty much exhausted. The path leads up the side of a steep slope, and then sort of turns to attack a slope gets steeper - a sort of exponential, curving up and up so it looks vertical near the top. Kinder is 300 m ascent in 1 km: continuous climbing, often along narrow paths on the side of steep valleys. Then the steep descent to Edale

 Although Edale is only half way, it is nice to think that from here on there are no more really difficult moorlands or peat bogs to cross, only hills. Up and over the hill to Chapel en le Frith and from there, some more or less level walking for 6 km, and then up the smaller but by now equally wearying hill to Whitehall (450 m). and then to the Cat and Fiddle (England's second highest pub).

Once you get to the Cat and Fiddle, Buxton the finish a distance of about 6 km. much of this is on the very stony Roman Road.

The most important thing with the Four Inns, though, is not the walk itself. It is the people you are walking with, the organisation that makes it possible, the people you talk to before and after – with whom you share your horror stories of last year and marvel at theirs, and who enquire after you at the finish and hobble with you to breakfast. The Four Inns is a challenge: but because it is a scouting challenge, it is one where you are part of an organisation and a team that supports you and through which you support others. It’s all about the people – it’s about Scouting.

More details can be found on the event by clicking on the link below and also by contacting Chris Beaney AGSL 1st Hinchley Wood Scout Group (

It would be great to see more teams from Surrey taking part in this event.

Surrey Scout April 15.pdf

1st Walton on the Hill Troop Quiz MP


On 13th March, Crispin Blunt MP for Reigate and Banstead, visited the 1st Walton on the Hill troop.  As part of the Writers Badge the Scouts all posed a question to form a complete interview of Crispin.  There were three main areas of questioning – what does an MP do; what does Crispin do; general questions about the local community.  They wrote up their interview as part of the badge requirements. 

Everyone agreed it was interesting and useful to understand what an MP does and how parliament works.

A new story sharing tool has launched to help you gather content from across your District. Please encourage members to visit and submit details of their adventures. The content will then be shared with MDMs and teams at UKHQ. The site is mobile friendly so volunteers can upload stories on the go.

Stories are checked to see if they are appropriate and relevant.  Stories can be sent in by youth members, leaders or other adults.

Try it here.

Story Finder

A Family Celebration!

Woking’s District Commissioner, Liz Pocknell, had to take a backseat and just be mum as Oliver Pocknell made his Queens’ Scout presentation.

Oli talked about his journey through scouting and the people he met on the way .  His preparations included training hikes in very wet parts of the UK not helping with the blazing sun in the south of France!

For the international part of the badge requirements,  Oli went to Kandersteg as an assistant leader but had to step up to troop leader when the leader had to fly home for the birth of his daughter.

Liz “baked” a cake for Oli and the Network leaders bought a bottle of Champagne.

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